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Catch The Bad Guy On The Act With a “Hidden” Camera Right Before His Eyes

by eric on December 7, 2010

There are times when you just can’t help but be doubtful about certain people or events. An example would be is when you are talking to someone and for some reason, call it hunch or instinct, you suddenly feel like something’s not right and a physical evidence is needed to arm yourself against that person.

If you like to watch TV shows where they catch people on the act of doing something they shouldn’t be doing, then you’re probably one of those people who love spy gadgets as well. It’s nice to have fun stuff like that where you can just spy on a suspicious person without him/her being suspicious of you as well.

If you have a sting operation or just want to catch someone in the act, a hidden camera would solve all that, but they can be expensive too. There is one technology that may still be a bit expensive, but not over the top expensive and extremely worth it.

You may just like ThinkGeek’s creation called the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.  It is a vintage T-shirt with title“From Tokyo With Love,” printed on it as if it was a movie poster (but is actually a movie poster from a non-existent film). And the catch here is that the guy on the shirt looks through a camera that has lens underneath. Pretty neat!

This creative technology is so ingenious that a person wouldn’t even look at it twice. The camera graphic on the shirt would never be mistaken for a real spy camera at all. This shirt makes you feel like you’re 007, or Chuck, the accident spy.

There’s a remote wire trigger that can be hidden in your pocket. You can snap up to 150 pictures before needing to clean it up and dump the memory somewhere. You can connect the gadget via USB cable so it’s not that hard for you to transfer files.

This Tee has a 3xAAA battery that would last long enough for you to catch someone on the act. Of course, this camera snaps pictures so the battery is more than enough for your spy mission.

“How do you wash the shirt?” I bet that’s the question that has been lurking in your mind but don’t worry, the camera can be removed so that the shirt will be clean and sweat-free.

It’s available at ThinkGeek for a retail price of $39.99.


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