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iPod Touch’s Biggest Competitor

by marj on March 24, 2011

In terms of mobile media player, no company has tried to compete with iPod Touch yet. Apple has pretty much dominated this niche – until now.

Spring of 2011, Samsung will be introducing Galaxy Player, which looks like Apple’s iPod Touch

Samsung Galaxy Player Features:

Android 2.2 OS

Just like Samsung’s Galaxy S Phone, this media player will also be running on the same operating system that is upgradeable to 2.3 Gingerbread.

Option of 4 inches or 5 inches LCD

Unlike Apple’s iPod Touch’s 3.5 display screen, customers will have the option to choose which screen size they want to purchase

Micro SD slot

Talk about storage! Not only does the Galaxy Player comes with 8GB, 16GB, 32GB but you can expand your storage with up to 32GB of Micro SD card. This is something iPod Touch has not thought of doing. Sure iPod Touch has 64 GB but does it have a micro SD slot for another 32 GB?

Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0

Bluetooth feature comes faster than iPod Touch’s 2.1 version

Dual camera, 3.2 MP (rear), VGA (front)

VGA for front camera and 3.2 MP rear camera. iPod Touch has the same VGA front camera but has relatively lower MP (0.7MP) in the rear.

Adobe flash 10.1

This is one feature that will set Samsung Galaxy Player apart from iPod Touch. Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that allows users to watch videos via the mobile browser, and with iPod Touch, well the users can watch videos alright but it to be via the YouTube app, or carry the burden of having to convert their videos before syncing via iTunes.

A8 Cortex CPU

We all know that having a faster processor to any technology is very important. Galaxy Player, like its smart phone, will be using A8 cortex as its processor with 1 Ghz clock speed while iPod Touch uses A4.

Battery Life

Samsung has been known to have an OK battery life and with this new player, same thing can be said. Galaxy Player’s battery life will last for 25 hours of continuous audio music and 5 hours of video playback, while iPod Touch can last for 40 hours of audio playing and 7 hours for video playing.

While Galaxy Player seems to be winning with all its feature comparison, we cannot say for certain that people will automatically choose to go with Samsung, because people have been accustomed to Apple’s devices and features. Familiarity can either work for Apple or against Apple and in this case, familiarity will seem to work in favor for Apple.

There is also the fact that Apple has, without a doubt, better Apps compared to Android market.

Whether or not people will still favor iPod Touch over Samsung’s, we just have to wait for its release. We can at least say for certain that people now have more options to weigh in.

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