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Have no fear, the “Sha-poopie” is here!

by eric on January 25, 2011

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Having a dog can be one of the greatest things a kid can ever have. With dogs, a child gets to learn how to manage his time for school and for his dog, how to take care of the dog’s health and how to be a responsible “parent-dog.”

Having a pet dog is not just all about feeding, playing and teaching tricks. You also have to take care of your dog’s health and grooming. On top of that, you need to train your dogs some manners.

As a responsible adult dog owner, you need to teach your dog good behavior and to make sure that he’s getting ample exercise. You need to make sure that he’s given at least 20 minutes of walk once every two days so he won’t be restless and destroy everything within his bite’s reach.

So during your dog’s daily exercise, there are times when your dog needs to do its business. Of course, they aren’t like us humans where we need to look for a rest rooms to relieve and it’s not like there are dog rest rooms. Dogs will do their business whenever and where ever they can.

It’s easy to feed, teach your dog tricks and give him a bath. The most painful thing a dog owner can ever endure (and sometimes the most irritating) is to pick up the dog’s poop.  As a dog owner, it’s your job ,o pick up the mess. That’s why responsible dog owners always have newspapers or even plastics on hand.

This not only is extremely disgusting but bending to pick it up can be difficult for the elders too. Back aches are sure to follow. This was what happened to Mr. Dan Shalhoub so he thought of Sha-poopie.

The Sha-poopie is designed get your dog’s poop anymore without you bending to reach it. It will do the reaching for you and eliminate the disgusts. All you need to do is to open the Sha-poopie’s cover and extend it over to your dog, position it under your dog’s butt, retract the handle once done and snap it up, ready for tossing in the garbage once the liner has been removed! I have just explained the Sha-poopie’s 5 simple steps! Extend, position, retract, snap and remove.

Of course you will need to observe your dog when it’s about to do its business so that you can ready your gear.

I don’t mind bending down and picking up after my dog. But I know that when I get older, I’ll be needing this gadget. There are elders who need their walk just as much as their dogs do and Sha-poopie will make both of their walks enjoyable and hassle-free.

This invention is also great for those who dislike having to pick their dog’s mess. In fact, this invention is especially made for those who just find it unpleasant to walk their dogs because of their tendency to poop in public.

So with this invention in mind, I think it will just make walking your best friend worth the while.

The Shapoopie

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