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A Smart Watch that’s Definitely Worth Investing

by marj February 6, 2012

Smart watch seems to be slowly making its mark in our digital world. Many have tried but few have succeeded in penetrating such niche. Perhaps the I’m Watch is the smart watch that can.

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Can the Eee Pad Transformer Transform your Interest Towards it?

by kristine January 9, 2012

Do you want the coolest transformation for your tablet? No, it’s not accessories or new applications that you need but the new Eee Pad Transformer. Get a tablet plus a keyboard with this latest offering from ASUS and it will surely make choices even harder for the buying public. Read on about the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and see if you are ready to make the transformation.

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Can the Pandigital Supernova Break Through the Competitive E-reader and Tablets Market?

by kristine December 26, 2011

Technology innovates each and every day and the public will never run out of choices. Here comes another e-reader/multi-media tablet that intends to break through a market dominated by big players like Apple. The Pandigital SuperNova Media Tablet was released as a better version of its predecessor, the Novel, and offers so much more. Check out its features and see if you will really care to spend for this newbie.

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Are You Ready for a Glassy Future?

by eric November 14, 2011

Corning answers your need for high-tech need by consistently providing you innovative glass that can complement your gadgets without waiting for 20 years; in fact, the kind of future that you envision can take place as soon as you are ready to accept its possibility.

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Looking for a Swifter way to say what you want in your Android Smart phone?

by kristine November 2, 2011

Are you getting tired of having to type long words on your Smartphone just to get your messages across? Are you hoping for more than just the old school T9 predictive text that is now in fact an obsolete feature for mobile phones? You should be more than ready for the SwiftKey X virtual keyboard that is out to make swift and big waves in the Android market. Check out the outstanding features that SwiftKey X offers for the fast-paced and ever growing demands in mobile technology today.

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Can Amazon’s Kindle Fire Beat Apple’s iPad?

by marj October 14, 2011

Kindle Fire will be favoured by satisficers, who once a few criteria got ticked, will make the decision to buy the product. These people don’t necessarily care about the brand name or what the other people are saying about what’s better and what’s not. Maximizers, on the other hand, will want nothing but the best of every product and the best to them equates to brand names.

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Top 5 Features of the iOS5 that Will Make It Worth The Wait

by gigi October 12, 2011

What are the Top 5 Features of the iOS5 that everyone is buzzing about? Find out about it here at

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Toshiba Thrive Tablet: Who Says Fat Can’t Be Hip?

by kristine September 21, 2011
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Amidst the raves about the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2, Toshiba offers a tablet that can match up to these known players despite its weight. The Toshiba Thrive tablet is a testament that being fat and bulky can definitely be more. Read more about the big difference that Toshiba Thrive has among the long list of slim and thin tablet pc’s today.

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Lucy will never let you wait on the Phone again

by gigi August 8, 2011

Are you tired of waiting for 30 minutes while you hear the same boring and irritating music at the other end of the line when you get placed on hold? LucyPhone is the newest app that can help you get about your business while lucyphone calls the toll-free number that you need to call.

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Have you been looking for a wireless mouse that doesn’t use a USB receiver?

by kristine July 15, 2011
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Are you looking for the latest wireless gadget available for your computer use? Or are you content with the traditional USB dongle mouse you’ve always had? See what the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse has to offer and decide if you will dump your trusted USB mouse for good.

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