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Smartype: A Keyboard with a Built-in Screen

by marj September 17, 2012

Do you find it time-consuming and difficult to type on your computer? If you find yourself having to look back and forth to your computer and screen just to know if you are typing the right words, you may find Smartype keyboard with its built in screen useful.

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Are You Having Problems Sleeping? Get the Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad and Finally Achieve a Good Night’s Sleep

by kristine September 4, 2012

Getting a good night’s sleep for some people can be really hard. Some may attribute their lack of sleep to stress or maybe to uncomfortable sleeping conditions such as poor ventilation or uncomfortable set of beddings. If you are a warm sleeper and you can’t relieve your body of heat even with your air-conditioning unit, you may want to try the Sleep Assisting Cooling Pad. You may finally achieve a restful and cooler sleep to help you recuperate for the next working day.

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Boogie Board Rip: the Digital Sketchpad every Artist On-the-Go Needs

by marj August 16, 2012

If you are an aspiring cartoonist or designer who’s looking for a high-tech sketchpad, perhaps the Boogie Board Rip may be just what you are looking for.

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Google Nexus 7 Review: Should You Buy this New Tablet?

by gigi August 6, 2012

Google is the go-to when you want to find something online. Aside from being dominant in the search engine wars, it has joined in the tablet market, which is undoubtedly the rising technology and gadget today. Having a tablet is fast becoming a household staple, with Apple’s iPad taking the lead in the world of [...]

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Staying Connected with Wi-Fi Cufflinks on Your Sleeves

by kristine July 23, 2012

Wi-Fi connection is a must-have for everybody- the average Joe, the teen student, the stay-at-home, and the career person on the go. More than staying up to the date with the latest shout out or photo in social networks, Wi-Fi connection is a necessity especially for people on the go. Flash drive cufflinks have been around for long but the first Wi-Fi cufflinks is also now in town. Check out these Wi-Fi cufflinks from Brookstone and see how innovation unfolds with this simple accessory.

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Will Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Hide the other Tablets into Oblivion?

by marj July 2, 2012

Many companies have tried futilely to rival against Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface tablets look highly promising that this could be the tablet to finally reach the Apple. But until its release, which is likely to be around October or November – same release date of Windows 8 – you can only sit and muse about it.

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2012 Macbook Pro: Should You Buy One?

by gigi June 14, 2012

With the recent launch of the new Macbook Pro early this week, people are still abuzz with how sleek it looks and the crystal clear retina display with 5 million pixels compacted in a 15.4 inch screen. The new Macbook Pro still has the same aluminum casing, but with a more slicker and leaner design.

What’s [...]

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Get Smart with Your Android Phone with the Sony Smartwatch

by kristine June 4, 2012

Get the latest gadget you can add to your growing collection of high-tech gadgets with the Sony Smartwatch. Check for latest updates on your email and social network posts. Answer most important SMS texts with pre-defined texts. Reject or accept incoming calls. Listen to your music play list. Do all of these with your Sony Smartwatch and get convenience and technology from the tip of your fingers and your wrist.

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Do you need help in figuring out why your baby is Crying? The Why Cry Gadget can Help!

by kristine May 14, 2012

Understanding your baby’s cries is not an easy task. It can be frustrating especially when you can’t seem to find what is wrong and what you should do to make your baby stop. Would you like to try a gadget that could be the answer to your frustrations to achieving this understanding? Check out what the Why Cry Baby Analyzer can do for you and your baby’s cries.

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Samsung’s Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor: The Smartest Monitor and Camera for Your Baby’s Security

by kristine May 3, 2012

More than the Android phones from Samsung, the Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor and Smartcam are the next best thing that has been created. It is every parent’s frustration to be away from the baby who needs supervision, attention, and a hawk’s eye in their growing years. But thanks to Samsung, any parent may be able to fulfill the responsibility of keeping a close eye on the children even if work demands to be away from the home and from the children. What features does the Samsung Wi-fi Video Baby Monitor offers parents of this advanced generation?

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